From the idea to the finished product

Creation, construction, simulation, optimization and prototype. Our standard is to keep an eye on the big picture – and therefore create optimized solutions for your individual demands.

Your benefits

  • Holistic development process: the most efficient way of product development 
  • Innovative concepts via synergies of creativity techniques, knowledge of the market and technical excellence
  • Construction and development with state of the art CAE Software and FEM simulations
  • Efficient prototype development with procedures from bionics, like shape and topology optimization

Prototype construction

  • Fast results on capabilities
  • Constructive checks
  • State of the art technologies

Pilot and low volume production

  • Checks under industry conditions
  • Manufacturing fine tuning
  • Functional testing

OEM Manufacturing

  • Oursourced production partner
  • Your product manufactured by the developer 
  • Scaleable production

    Product design

    Industrial design for more success

    Design is more than pure shaping: Shape and function of products should complement each other perfectly. To stand out against your competitors, novel concepts in product design are crucial.

    Our industrial designers are working constantly on such ideas. They combine creativity with long-standing experience and technical excellence – so that you can develop products that are groundbreaking for your industry.

    Our services at a glance

    • Project management
    • Documentation, reports and presentation for specific projects
    • Mechanical solutions
    • Electronic solutions
    • Production solutions
    • 3D CAD models
    • 2D technical drawings
    • BOM lists
    • FEA simulations
    • Weight optimization
    • Tests and measurements