Investing in PDM/PLM: Rapid Returns

For efficient product development, we offer intelligent integrations for nearly every one of your authoring and enterprise systems. These integrations are tailored to your requirements and maximize automation.

Strategy Determines System Type

The choice of your data management system depends on your strategy and business goals. Whether it’s transparent management of design data or holistic networking of your research and development department, we customize the solution to your needs.

Goal-Oriented Multi-CAD Product Lifecycle Management

Our integrations consider the different workflows and tools in various development areas. By securely storing, logically linking, and automatically versioning data, they optimize processes and increase data reuse.

Enhanced Material Management through CAD and PLM Integration

Shared item master data and bills of materials improve information exchange between design and procurement. Attributes and parameters characterize items in both systems, increasing data consistency and facilitating decision-making.

Early Involvement for Seamless Manufacturing

Seamless integration of development and manufacturing enables projects to be implemented promptly. New project versions are automatically documented and transferred to the ERP system, resulting in comprehensive time and cost savings.

Our customers benefit from:

  • Enterprise-wide data transparency

  • Bidirectional and automatic exchange of item master data and bills of materials

  • Complete traceability across product development processes

  • Automated data synchronization

  • Comprehensive time and cost savings

PLM/CAD Migration and Conversion - what we offer

PLM/CAD Migration and Conversion – Secure and Efficient from Source to Destination

At yalcom, we specialize in migrating and converting your PLM and CAD data. When your company faces the decision to migrate data from an existing PLM or CAD system to a new system landscape, various reasons may be decisive:

  • The existing system no longer meets the required specifications

  • Harmonization of the system landscape is demanded
  • Manufacturers cease further development of the existing system
  • There is a need to streamline workflows for future efficiency and cost savings.

Challenges in Data Migration

The most significant challenge during a system transition is ensuring error-free and verified data migration and conversion, which, in the worst case scenario, could result in the loss of crucial information.

Our Solution

We assist you in converting CAD data and migrating metadata and documents from one system to another.

Benefits of Collaborating with yalcom

The uniqueness of our data migration and conversion lies in the parallel migration running alongside production operations, coupled with integrated and automated verifications. This eliminates the need for operational downtime as seen in other migration concepts. We can successfully execute data migration of over a million CAD documents from project initiation to production operation within a short timeframe without interruptions or risks.

Migration Tools Employed

For CAD data migration projects, we employ our internally developed 3DX Bulkloader, facilitating automated export and import of geometry and metadata. Additionally, we collaborate closely with Elysium, a leading software company in 3D geometry processing and data translation. Leveraging their CADfeature and CADdoctor applications, we ensure high-quality conversion of CAD data.